Are you one of the few people who know that there really is a Pancake Day? Maybe too, you’re one of those that is looking forward to eating King Cake this week. Meanwhile, others of you are worrying about what you’ll give up for Lent.
There’s quite a bit of festivity going on during the month of March this year. And, as you may or may not know, The Church (mostly high church in nature) has it’s very own calendar and holiday seasons. Days, even weeks, feasts and more are carefully organized, spelled out and planned.
For instance:
This Tuesday will be SHROVE TUESDAY or FAT TUESDAY
You may recognize it more as MARDI GRAS
This Wednesday will be ASH WEDNESDAY:
And then, the Season of Lent begins.
In case you didn’t know, all this hub bub used to be part of folks daily lives. And this particular season of festivities were preparation toward the remembrance of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.
Lent ends in the massive celebration, known as EASTER (the day Christ rose from the grave.)
Now, in all honesty, you won’t find any of the above “celebrations” or “traditions” (or any of their specific names or days) in the Bible, but that’s for another blog. They’ve become part of our culture, and as we do tend to forget history, I thought I’d remind you of their origins.
And so, now you know. If anything, you’ll sound smart at that next meeting, dining experience or church service. Or, if you’re clever, perhaps you’ll ask for some time away from work for that “religious holiday” or two. Well, maybe not.
If you’re Agnostic, or an Athiest, it’d be tricky to pull off.
Just my thoughts,
Just my thoughts,