I wrote this a few years back, but was asked to bring it back. Would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.
I just wrapped up taking part in a taping for an upcoming television show this past week. 13 shows were taped in four days. Yep. It’s a bit crazy. A show is taped. You go and change clothes. And you start all over again. The star of the show is a marriage seminar leader and pastor from Wisconsin, Mark Gungar. (You really should check him out on YouTube). Not nationally known, but a fairly well known personality on the national stage. He was engaging, funny, and easy to listen to. If there is one thing this guy has down, it is getting the male population to “tune in” to what he is saying and connect! And too, he makes some great points to the women in the audience. Basically, we girls just plain don’t get men, as we know. But what we forget, is that half the time, we punish men for not “thinking” like women, not “understanding” women, not “relating” to women, you get the picture. All the while forgetting they are NOT women. 🙂
It saddens me that my generation of women missed out on the tutoring from older women that guys and gals are different. And that it’s ok. That it’s not something to fight, but rather understand and embrace. But nope. We were the generation of unisex haircuts and clothing. It was cool to be “likes”. To prove that we were the equal. Differences were an “archaic” way of thinking. And we were above that. hmmmmmmm
We can see how well that worked. The divorce rate and homosexuality skyrocketed during that period of time, families fractured, and the list goes on. We were left wondering why and how this could have happened. What went wrong during this modern, intellectual way of thinking?
It’s pretty easy. The Bible has lasted for a few thousand years. Its principles (which were deemed outdated and unrealistic) were tossed out. We would find a better way. But have we?
My challenge to you this week is just to simply strive to notice the differences in men and women. Embrace them. And work to understand them. It can be a beautiful thing.
Life’s good. Let’s work to make it even better.