“Give us this day our daily bread…”
Many of us recognize this line as coming from the most famous prayer of all time. The Lord’s Prayer. Found two different places in the Scriptures, (Matthew and Luke) one needs to realize that if it takes up that much space in the prime real estate known as The Bible, it must be pretty important.
In thinking about what today’s bread really means, I have had to admit of late that I have come to expect, and feel the need to know, where tomorrow’s bread is coming from as well. Unlike those birds of the air who Matthew reminds us are cared for, I kinda want some security in the “care” department.
Alas, thus is the journey of faith. If I always had tomorrow’s bread secured, I wouldn’t have to walk in true faith now would I.
Are you content with daily bread? Or do you struggle wanting tomorrow’s bread in the freezer for that rainy day like I do?
Just my thoughts on this gorgeous spring day.
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