For those of you who caught my article in Mature Living this month, we hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Amazingly, the story is true. The names, however, were changed to protect the innocent. 🙂
imagesIt was just another night over at the R.C. enjoying dinner with my mom. As we sat down to partake of our baked fish and rice, Bob came by and seemed interested to join us. Naturally, we extended the invitation. Now you have to understand, Bob is closer to 80 than not, he’s handsome, sharp as a tack, classy and a great dinner table companion.
When he asked what I had been reading of late, I mentioned it was a book about George Washington’s little known spy ring. It’s a phenomenal read on the six characters that were only known as “numbers” until the last century. One of them, was actually a woman of society. The secret had been so tightly kept, that details simply weren’t known until recently. Even to this day, more is being discovered and literally, uncovered. Who doesn’t love a great spy thriller!
It was then that Bob mentioned he’d “…worked in D.C”. For some reason, the way he mentioned it seemed a bit mysterious. I couldn’t resist the urge. I leaned in and  teasingly asked, “So, you were a covert operative?” He quietly nodded and answered, “Yes.” I was in shock. There sitting next to me was a real life, 007…now in his retirement. Was this really happening? I wanted to ask a million questions, but I bit my tongue much to my mother’s relief and kept quiet.
My mind was whirling. His adventures had to be close to 50 years ago. Think about it. If you’ve ever seen any old espionage films, the technology those James Bond types had access to, at that period of time, was considered superior and cutting edge. But to us today, it’s almost laughable.  
I couldn’t imagine what Bob’s world must have been like. Pay phones, notepads, pencils, kodak cameras and maybe a cassette recorder? That’s about it. When you consider the things men (and women) of that time period accomplished, it’s truly remarkable. We’ll never know what plots Bob uncovered or information he was privy to, but we can certainly let our imaginations run wild.
Today, Bob enjoys the luxuries of modern medical science, a cell phone and laptop, internet, cable TV and so much more. And I’m sure he can only say to himself at night, “If only I’d had access to this or that back then…” You have to wonder!
With that, it made me realize how fortunate we truly are to have at our fingertips the amazing world of technology and the electronics we enjoy today. And that is why we here at Mature Living, want to encourage you to dive in, experience and share of the wealth to which we are blessed to have access. I’m sure Bob would more than wholeheartedly agree. If that even is his real name (wink).
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